About Our Breeding Program

We specialize in beautiful, well-socialized, healthy Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles with great temperaments! We offer a variety of sizes and generational breedings. We strive to produce low to non-shedding dogs that are better suited for allergy sufferers.

At Doodles are Amazing we have been breeding and raising wonderful canine companions for over 30 years. We have placed many wonderful puppies into forever loving families. It is so rewarding to match families with puppies that are best suited for each other. At Doodles are Amazing, we add that personal touch, to help you find the puppy that fits your home, family, and lifestyle. Our pups are raised with a lot of human attention, cuddles, playtime, and love. Our pups spend plenty of time with young children and are therefore used to the noise and activity of little people.

As small puppies (3-16 days) they receive (ENS) early neurological stimulation this helps them to be more resistant to stress and helps them to have stronger cardiovascular systems. Research shows, this helps dogs cope better, throughout their lives with stress causing factors and problem-solving abilities. Our young pups also receive (ESI) Early Sent Introduction. ESI increases neuroplasticity in neonates. ENI helps dogs to be more successful throughout their lives by stimulating the brain’s ability to adapt and function. with scent recognition and tracking work. It also greatly benefits dogs that will be used for diabetes support, emotional support, or other service capacities.

Come meet our puppies today! We are located in Utah. If you don’t live in the area, it’s not a problem. We have dependable flight nannies that are happy to bring your puppy to your nearest airport for around $900.00, nanny fee and flight ticket included! Our high-quality puppies are available for affordable prices ranging from $1000.00 to $4000.00!

Our breeding dogs live in guardian homes and have wonderful family lives.