Guardian Opportunities

If you live in the Wasatch Front area and are buying your own home, you may qualify to have a female puppy for FREE by becoming a Guardian!

If you’re selected for our Guardian Program, you get one of our best high-quality puppies with great genetics and a fantastic temperament for your forever companion for FREE.

In exchange, we, at Doodles are Amazing, retain breeding rights. Under this agreement Guardian Dogs will have three litters of puppies. Then be spayed at the breeder’s expense.

Specifically, your Guardian Dog lives with you then comes to our home for breeding purposes for about one week. She then returns to you for the majority of her pregnancy. When she is about 8 weeks along, she will come back to our home for about 8 weeks to give birth to and raise her pups. Then she returns to you!

You cover the costs of her routine care and maintenance. We cover all costs related to breeding, maternal care, and raising the pups. In addition, we can usually board your Guardian Dog when you travel!

With our Guardian Program all our sweet dogs have wonderful homes and happy lives. Together, we can further improve the wonderful Bernedoodle and Goldendoodle breeds!

If you feel the Guardian Program is right for you, please email, text, or call Diane to inquire about this opportunity.

Text or call: 801-726-9772
Email: [email protected]
Or use the form below.