“Baker is a wonderful dog! He is loving and protective and very smart! We have a little Goldendoodle and he takes care of her. He always watches over her.”

– The Wernets

“Our Goldendoodle is the perfect dog for us! We love our pretty boy; people stop us all the time to tell us how beautiful he is! He is the perfect family dog! He loves all his people so much!”

– The Ashmans

“We absolutely love our Perdy! She is the sweetest, most affectionate dog I have ever met. She is a treasured member of our family. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

– The Lignelles

“She is a great dog!”

– The Sellecks

“Darcie is such a good girl! Our family loves her! Thank you!”

– The Gibbys

“Daisy is a super cuddler and loves to play fetch! She is very intelligent and obedient and learns quickly! She’s great with the kids and is a very happy pup!”

– Daisy’s family

“Our sweet boy is very gentle! He is great with our little girls He loves to play ball and could play all day!”

– The Carlisles

“He is very mild tempered and lovely. He likes to hug, fetch, and run! Thank you. He’s also been very healthy!”

– The Shepherds

“Our little girl loves to pose! She is an absolute delight!”

– The Heaths

“Happy almost 6 months to our king floof! Sweetest dog! I’m so thankful we found you!”

– The Clarks

“Our girl is absolutely lovely! She is a very sweet and loving dog!”

– The Boures

“We got two adorable boys! They are doing great and we really love them! They have been so much fun and each have their own personality!”

– The Weisses

“We love our sweet boy! He is the cutest dog ever!”

“We love our Goldendoodle and so does everyone that meets him. He is extremely smart and he is very obedient. Our in-laws are not indoor pet people but they welcome him into their house. We were talking the other day that in four years we can’t remember him chewing anything he wasn’t supposed to.”

– The Coateses

“Daisy sleeps with us and our Old English Sheepdog in our king-sized bed every night! We all just adore our precious Goldendoodle! She brings us great joy and entertains us with her sweet sensitive and funny personality. She is my husband’s little shadow and is his “baby.” She is a 50-pound lap dog and she loves retrieving the ball. She will be turning 5 next month. Daisy loves boating and swimming in the lake. Balls are her favorite toy but sticks are fun to retrieve also when we are boating. She is smart and reminds me in the morning and again at night that it is time for her sister (our Old English Sheepdog) to have her medicine and then they both get a doggy treat. We love our Daisy!”

– Daisy’s family

“Gasso is an adorable little spitfire! Her and our other beautiful Goldendoodle Baker, who we also got from Doodles are Amazing, are so good with children, even little babies! We are so happy with both of them! Thank you!”

– Carrissa

“My boy is great! He has the perfect temperament and is great with kids of all sizes, people, and other dogs!”

– Spencer

“Theodore (Teddy) Peck is Great! He is very well behaved and has been so sweet! He loves the shade and laying in the cool grass. Thank you for helping us complete our family!”

– The Pecks

“Emilee is fitting right in. she pees and poos outside and is growing fast! She just had her first grooming, they said she was so good even amazing!”

– The Connerys

“Our pup has been great! He fits in perfectly with our family!”

– The Pertersons

“Gizmo is the best! Better than I could have imagined. Playful yet calm, smart and already potty trained! He goes straight to his kennel at night and doesn’t cry or bark!”

– The Batemans

“Our little girl is so good! She is a happy baby! She’s all smiles! She is just the sweetest girl and gets a lot of attention from everyone!”

– Mindy

“Our Goldendoodle is the best thing that happened to our family!”

– The Tehs

“This is our Lily Doodle, she is an amazing dog, very easy to train and a great family dog for our kids who adore her!”

– The Hutchins family

“Our beautiful Bernedoodle is loved! Our neighbors visit her every day!”

– Dale

“Watson is the sweetest boy! He loves, loves, loves people, in fact he prefers toddlers over other dogs. He loves tug and fetch and the only time he ever barks is when he gets real excited playing. We love him!”

– Austin

“Ozzy is a wonderful dog! He is fun, smart and eager to please. He’s been through two dog training sets of classes and does really well. He is a handsome dog and his traits are more of a Bernese. He is happy and floppy.”

– Kim

“Our girl is doing awesome! She goes just about everywhere we go! She is super sweet, funny and incredibly smart! We definitely lucked out, thank you so much!”

– The Dunn family

“Fern is a beautiful dog and has a wonderful personality! I’ve worked a lot to train her and she really is spectacular! I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to have this dog, in particular, she means the world to me! “

– Paige

“Louie is such a good boy! He weighs about 45 pounds. We had him groomed pretty short so he is not so hot for the summer.”

– The Burrs

“Everyone we meet tells me how cute he is! He has a beautiful non-shedding, mostly straight coat with light waves. He is energetic and we have a lot of fun together!”

– Piper

“Angel is family! She is doing great! She loves water. Angel and our other dog Suzie get along so well.”

– Tina

“Mobi is so sweet and adorable. Very smart, very patient, and very loving! We have had zero problems with her. She started sleeping through the night right away and has only been out four times at night. She lets us know when she needs to go to the bathroom. She is amazing and we love her very much!”

– The Sakashitas